We are currently working on a plan to resume classes, whilst following the protocol of the Covid provincial guidelines. Please stay tuned for new updates. We are looking forward to seeing you soon, and please stay safe!


***Returning Students Only***

To maintain a spot in class, please log into your dance-pro account, click Register for classes, then Term 2, then select classes. When finished, click “Submit”, the click the green “Finish Registration Now” button


Please note that all dance wear required for class, can be purchased at on site store, C & M Dance Supplies.


***NEW Students ONLY***

Follow these steps to complete online registration, (you must be 18 or older to register yourself or students online) 

Online registration available via this link:


*Very Important* (Only applicable to new students) please contact us before making a credit card payment – details below 


***Please carefully read all the information on this entire page before signing up online

  • Click “Create Account”
  •  Fill in the information fields (boxes)
  •  Select either “Add a student” or “I take classes”
  •  Fill in the information fields (boxes) *select valid birth date for yourself or your dancer(s)
  •  Read policies, waiver and check boxes
  •  Save to go to Registration page, and read the info provided
  •  Select classes for you or your dancer(s)
  •  When finished, click “Submit”
  •  Click the green “Finish Registration Now” button
  •  Read waiver and check the box

***If you would like to pay with a credit card, complete all the registration steps until you get to “Pay with Card”. Do Not Continue on to pay with your card until you contact us via email: (This applies to new students only)


You also have the option to register online and pay by e-transfer, or register online and pay cash or cheque in person . You would complete all the above steps, then stop at “Pay with Card” and then contact us via the email listed above.

*Full term or payment plan fees are due by the registration deadline January 13.

Students will only be considered registered once payment is received.


(The first term is from September to January and the second term is from January to the end of April.)

***Please contact us if you would like to arrange a payment plan

Payment plan Term 1:

  • Pay 50% of total fees by the registration deadline (September 16th)
  • Pay remainder of fees by November 4th

Payment plan Term 2:

  • Pay 50% January 13th, pay remainder of fees March 2.

        *Late fees will be added to accounts after these dates.


In Person Registration 

You are able to register by visiting our store C & M Dance Supplies, during business hours, listed on the C & M Dance Supplies page. 

Accepted  forms of payment in person are, cash, e-transfer and cheque.

***E-Transfers are to be sent to then using dance1 (no spaces and lowercase) as the answer to the question.

Class fees are non-refundable after the second week of classes. 

***Credit cards will be accepted for online payments only***



We accept funding through Jumpstart, please check out their website for all the information on their program:


***Please note, CLASS FEES listed on chart below DO NOT include TAX***

Additional Fees

  • Registration fees (Non-refundable): a 1 time fee of $5 per student to a max of $10 per family, for the entire season (Sept – April) 
  • Costume fees (Non-refundable): go toward the rental, repair or replacement of partial or full recital costumes. Students may also be required to provide one or more items toward their costume(s) as well as making possible sewing alterations. 
  • There will be a fee for costumes that are damaged or not returned
  • Credit card convenience fee: a 2.5% fee that only applies to credit card payments made online

***All students will be given a box of chocolate bars to sell upon registration to receive a credit of $25. per box. Students can sell as many boxes of bars for credit, as they would like.

  • 1 box of bars sold = $25 credit
  • 2 or more boxes sold = $20 credit (per box)

*Students enrolled in Adult classes, including yoga, are not required to pay a costume fee. 



Multiple class discounts:

  • 1st class – pay full amount of highest priced class
  • 2nd class – class cost minus $10.00
  • 3+ classes – class cost minus $15.00
  • 6th class is free! Please contact us if you plan to take 6 or more classes!

Family Discount:

  • 2nd student in a family – class cost minus $10.00
  • 3rd student in a family – class cost minus $15.00

The best available discount will be calculated and applied to students who qualify.

Multiple Costumes:

  • 1st costume fee = $20
  • 2nd costume fee = $17
  • 3rd costume fee = $15
  • 4th + costume fee = $14


***Viewing week***

We invite any parents/guardians to view their dancers class(es) in December of each full dance year. We will email and post with exact dates in advance.



We are always in need of volunteers, to help with organizing, decorating, and special events. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out and submit the following form