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We are always in need of volunteers, to help with organizing, decorating, and special events. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out and submit the following form


The dance season consists of two terms.

*The first term is from September 17th to January and the second session is from January 14th to the end of April.*

*The Annual Recital, featuring all the students, will be held Sunday  April 28th.


Multiple class discounts:

  • 1st class – pay full amount of highest priced class
  • 2nd class – class cost minus $10.00
  • 3+ classes – class cost minus $15.00

Family Discount:

  • 2nd student in a family – class cost minus $10.00
  • 3rd student in a family – class cost minus $15.00

Students are eligible for either, multiple class discounts or the family discount, but not both. The best available discount will be calculated and applied to students who qualify.

***Discounts do not apply to mandatory Competitive Team classes


Class fees are non-refundable after the second week of classes. A late registration fee of $5.00 per student will be charged for fees not paid by January 31th, partial or full.

Accepted  forms of payment are, cash, e-transfer and cheque.

***E-Transfers are to be sent to then using dance1 (no spaces and lowercase) as the answer to the question.

***Credit cards will be accepted for online payments only***

***Please note, CLASS FEES listed on chart below DO NOT include TAX***

 ***Lyrical Teen Beginner cost – $150 or payment plan $75 & $75  +TAX.


Additional Fees

  • Recital Tickets: $15 for Adults, $10 for children (5-12 yrs) 5 and under free (no admission for performers)
  • *Costume fees go toward the rental, repair or replacement of partial or full recital costumes. Students may also be required to provide one or more items toward their costume(s) as well as making possible sewing alterations
  • There will be a fee (TBD) for costumes that are damaged or not returned

***Students have the option to fund raise with chocolate bars (1 box/1 costume, 2 boxes/2 costumes, 3 boxes/3+ costumes)  or pay a costume fee ($20/costume, $40/2 costumes, $50/3 costumes, $60/4+ costumes)

*Students enrolled in any Adult classes, including yoga, are not required to pay a costume fee.