Students will be required to wear a specific dance outfit to class. This outfit may possibly be used for the Recital. Dance wear can be purchased at C&M Dance Supplies.

***Hair must be off face in ponytail or bun for all classes!***

Boys Apparel

  • Black tank or short sleeve fitted shirt
  • Black leggings or loose fitting black jazz pants
  • Footwear same as listed in all classes below  *Except black slippers required for ballet


Traditional step-dancing is a Cape Breton style, which involves percussive footwork and is danced to Celtic fiddle music.

Class Attire

Level I & II:

  • royal blue short sleeve nylon leotard
  • black jazz pants
  • black tap shoes

Level III:

  • green short sleeve nylon leotard
  • black jazz pants
  • black tap shoes

Level IV:

  • burgundy tank leotard
  • black jazz pants
  • black tap shoes

Level V & VI:

  • TBA
  • black jazz pants
  • black leather (not synthetic) tap shoes


  • black tap shoes


Ballet is the foundation of dance and teaches proper technique, placement, and control of movements. The RAD syllabus is followed.

Class Attire

Twinkle Toes :

  • Pale pink, flutter, sleeve dress
  • pink footed ballet tights
  • pink ballet slippers

Starlite, Ballet II/III :

  • tank lilac nylon leotard
  • lilac circular chiffon skirt
  • pink footed ballet tights
  • pink ballet slippers

Ballet IV:

  • tank pink pinch front cotton leotard
  • pink chiffon wrap skirt
  • pink footed or convertible ballet tights
  • pink ballet slippers

Ballet V-VI, VII:

  • camisole or tank black leotard as staple, other styles/colours acceptable
  • black chiffon wrap skirt as staple, other colours matching leotard acceptable
  • pink ballet footed or convertible dance tights
  • pink ballet split sole slippers
  • pointe shoes upon approval of teacher

* All ballet students must have hair pulled back away from face, in a bun.


Tap is traditionally done to jazz swing music and uses percussive and rhythmic footwork.

Class Attire

Level I, II, III:

  • leotard (any colour and style)
  • black jazz pants
  • black tap shoes

Level IV:

  • leotard or dance/excerise top (color TBA)
  • black jazz pants
  • black leather tap shoes

Hip Hop/Musical Theatre

Hip hop is an energetic dance that uses precise full body movements.

Musical Theatre lets students explore dancing, acting, and singing and learn about performing on stage.

Class Attire

  • leggings and/or fitted shorts, any colour/style leotard or crop top and black or tan jazz shoes


Acrobatics uses flexibility and strength to safely achieve gymnastics-based tumbling and tricks.

Class Attire

  • Leotard or crop top(any color) with fitted shorts, capris or leggings.
  • No loose tops will be allowed as they are safety concern.
  • Bare feet

Jazz, Lyrical & Contemporary

Jazz is a fast upbeat style that incorporates sharp movements and a variety of jumps and turns. The Adapt syllabus is followed.

Lyrical dance uses fluidity, jazz, and elements of ballet technique to emote and tell a story.

Contemporary is an expressive style of dance that encourages free movement, while learning proper terminology and lyrical/jazz technique.


Class Attire

  • leggings, capris or fitted shorts and any color/style leotard.
  • Jazz- tan jazz shoes and skin tone stirrup performance tights for recital
  • Lyrical and Contemporary – nude color Footundeez

Competition Team

  • Entire outfit must be black, leggings or fitted shorts, leotard or sports bra
  • Nude Footundeez  and tan jazz shoes
  • Stirrup performance tights in skin tone for performances, recital and competition


Heels is a fusion of jazz and hip hop energy and movements while dancing in heels.

Class Attire

  • Athletic/workout clothes
  • Heels that are comfortable for dancing